Ok, admit it… somewhere between meetings, late nights at the office and rushed lunches, today’s business professionals have to find time to stay healthy.  Fortunately, the tools exists to help your most valuable assets stay ahead in the exercise game. Health in a shake for ALL those wishing to be lighter, thinner, healthier and may have existing health concerns with their heart, diabetes, or may be pregnant or nursing mom’s as well as a great alternative for children.  Transforming themselves through the 90 Day Challenge  Http://ModernDay.MyVi.NET.

Today’s business professionals are dying to make it to the top – literally! Their lives are being stamped oout by the leading causesof death in the corporate community, which includes heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes.  The greatest tragedy is that eah of us can avoid or overcome these illnesses by making better lifestyle choices. But burdened by jam-packed schedules and reluctance to see a doctor, many professionals – in public and private sectors alike – neglect to exercise and eat right. Taking care of business starts with taking care of you. I can’t stress enough taking the 90 Day Challenge (It’s only 90 Days…) Http://ModernDay.MyVi.NET.

The more PROFESSIONALs understand the basics of ill health, the more likely they will understand the  90 Day Challenge   Http://ModernDay.MyVi.NET efforts to change these factors.

Accessibility of wellness programs in the workplace as well as consistent, targeted communications across all communication outlets is also important.

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