How is the overall health of your company, organization and it’s employees? or for that matter you?  Workplace health promotion and wellness programs can have a great ROI (return on investment), making them a wise business investment worth serious consideration.

Identify your wellness program or policy’s by their strengths and weaknesses, and make personalized recommendations on how to improve your company’s wellness program and employee health.  Propose a 90 Day Challenge. Providing access, opportunity, support and encouragement needed for workers to actively participate in improving their health.

  • You can target your wellness program to meet your company’s specific needs
  • Information and ideas to get you started in developing a new wellness program, or for improving your current regimen.

It is important to think of the wellbeing and value of each team member as well as several elements of consideration and implemented a Team Member Challenge to ensure the success of your workplace wellness program.

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All progress begins one step at a time.  Baby steps!

There is no sudden lead to greatness.  Good work, done little by little becomes great work!  The house to success is built brick by brick connecting leadership,

Create Quality without tears | Feeding the Brain.  You can do what you want to do, achieve what you want to achieve, attain any reasonable objective you may have in mind.

Not all of a sudden, nor in one sweeping act of achievement.  You will do it gradually, day by day and play by play.  There’s no magic ellivator to the top despite all the management buzz, project leadership apps and networks on connecting leadership. It’s baby steps!

Taking care of business starts with taking care of you!  Yes, you.  Leadership and fitness go hand-in-hand building a strong solid foundation.  A healthy body and mind exceeds ultimate levels of greatness.  Take a 90 Day Challenge to a better healthier you.  Connecting leadership abilities to your mind, body and mind all thinks are possible. 

If you want to do it, if you work to do it, you will accomplish your goal over a sufficient period of time.

Your big accomplishments will be a series of little accomplishments.

It takes many strokes to overthrow the talles oak.  Start with baby steps and begin connecting leadership today one brick at a time with a healthy boday and mind. Life, Health and Prosperity!

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Fitness is KEY to Modern Day Leadership Skill Sets

Best Thoughts for Success Connecting Leadership through Management – Health – Maintenance

Taking care of business starts with taking care of yourself!  Leadership and fitness go hand-in-hand.  Quality without tears | Feeding the Brain with the best thoughts for success.

In the world of information technology, we get attacks on all fronts: ever-changing business needs, hardware compatibility, software glitches, security holes, and network bandwidth, not to mention careers, attitudes, and office politics.  All the makings to keep a fit, healthy and maintained  requiring self- discipline and being able to perform under pressure and exist outside our comfort zone would be the key that unlocks our successes.

You need to build a solid, strong foundation for managing successful projects starting with yourself for clear and precise direction.  Like anything else in the world, project management requires adequate planning, determination, and vision for success.  Ready to start this journey?

The word “exercise” derives from a Latin root that means “to maintain, to keep, to hold off.” To me, that means I should exercise to maintain my health, to keep my sanity and to ward off the temptations that lead me down unhealthy paths. Starting with consumption.  What we take in really is our ‘food for thought’ so to speak.  Unhealthy consumption leads to poor thought management.  I simplify this process taking the 90 Day Challenge literally meaning Life, Health and Prosperity addressing core values and the gift of good health. For more insightful information please see Http://

What we consider “exercise” today is really a natural part of life, but in our current world, we have to make a conscious effort to make it part of our daily routine. Just a few generations ago, walking was a major form of transportation! Our evolution from hunters and gatherers, who walked to get from one area to another, to a sedentary automobile/train/plane civilization has forced us to look at exercise in a different way.

According to the Franklin Institute, “walking is especially good for your brain, because it increases blood circulation and the oxygen and glucose that reach your brain. Walking is not strenuous, so your leg muscles don’t take up extra oxygen and glucose like they do during other forms of exercise. As you walk, you effectively oxygenate your brain.” The research suggests this is why walking can “clear your head” and help you to think better.

With a new year upon us, one of the resolutions many people at least think about is getting in shape. That’s a great goal, and I hope it lasts beyond early January. If you aren’t active already, I encourage you to start now with the 90 Day Challenge via Http:// You’ll feel better and think better as a result.

Exercise is an important element of good health, but you’ve got to approach it with good judgment. Follow this basic advice for getting in shape safely:

Start slowly. If you haven’t exercised in a while, don’t jump into a strenuous routine. Consult with your doctor to find out what’s safe. Start each workout with a warm-up to ease your body into the session.

Get the right equipment. Running in the wrong shoes or biking without a helmet can be dangerous. Don’t take chances with old or used equipment. If you’re not sure what you need, ask a trainer or someone with experience.

Wear suitable clothing. Loose, comfortable clothing is essential. Wear fabrics that absorb sweat, so your body doesn’t overheat. If you’re exercising outdoors in cold weather, wear a warm hat and gloves; in hot weather, wear a cap to stay cool.

Watch the weather. Don’t go outside to work out in extreme temperatures. I’ve slipped more than a few times on ice in Minnesota. Wear sunscreen, winter or summer. In cold weather, dress in layers. During the summer months, exercise in the morning or late in the day to avoid excessive heat.

Drink plenty of water. Keeping hydrated is important before, during and after exercise. Take a drink every 20 minutes, even if you don’t feel thirsty.

Pay attention to surroundings. When you’re outdoors, don’t “zone out.” Watch out for traffic, other people, rough surfaces and other dangers. Even in the gym, keep your eyes open and your mind engaged to prevent accidents with equipment or with other exercisers.

Listen to the warning signs. Don’t try to “work through” pain. Slow down if you get short of breath. If you get dizzy or feel nauseated, or feel pain in your chest, neck, shoulders, or arms, stop exercising immediately. If the symptoms don’t go away, call your doctor.

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STAYING Fit in the Workplace has never felt better!

The majority of people spend most of their waking hours at work.  For the millions of Americans with desk jobs this can result in a very sedentary lifestyle.

Although this problem cannot be solved entirely, there are lots of things that you can do to stay healthy while on the job.

Modern Day Thoughts for Success

1. Have Meetings “On-the-Go”.

2. Exercise at Your Desk.

3. Drink lots of water.

4. Snack Healthy.

5. Take Short Breaks to walk around.

6. Or as I did, taking on the 90 Day Challenge feeling more alive, healthy, energized and rejuvenated with the goal of 30 lbs. lighter and thinner. My husband seconds that aiming for 20 lbs. leaner and trimmer.  Best yet Vi is FITNESS & HEALTH for those with Diabetes, Gluten, Lactose, Kosher, Children, Pregnant or Nursing Mom’s!


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Modern Day Leaders LEARN & SEEK OUT Effectiveness

You may ask, if all milestones are complete in a timely manner is that not effectiveness?

May I ask you, how do you stay ahead of the curve in practices of personal development to enhance yourself within your industry of choice and to strengthen those key aspects on a daily basis. Project management made easy is learned by seeking out leadership skill sets and can only be effective as you reveal one self through a crucial focus of a person’s self-development as a modern day leader.  Project management knowledge addresses organizational development and to be fulfilled with viability in today’s modern society.

I feel, have felt the impacts, and found that one’s self-development of project management knowledge whether for development of an organization be it business, a government agency, a research laboratory, a hospital, or a military service.  As modern day leaders working toward becoming effective, they raise the performance level of the whole organization.  Modern Day Leaders are the inspiration who raise the sights of people and their own as well as others.

Effective executives or as we refer to them as Modern Day Leaders differ widely in their personalities, stengths, weaknesses, values, and beliefs.  As modern day leaders the only common similarity is they get the right things done.  Some are born effective.  But the demand is too great to be satisfied by extraodinary talent via their leadership skill sets enabling project management made easy driving their effectiveness to be disciplined.  Yes, driving their effectiveness to be disciplined.  That’s very important as effectiveness is not given but sought after.  And like every discipline, effectiveness can be learned and must be learned as successful careers are not planned.  They are developed when modern day leaders are prepared for opportunities acknowledging their strengths, their methods of work, and their values.

Back to the feel, felt, found impacts for development. It was through this understanding that I strongly feel as a Modern Day Leader, I must creat a business model, tutoring project management for modern information systems through WhizMeSmarts™ Series for Project Management Knowledge to Mentor Leaders-in-the-Moment.

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Project Management Tools of the Trade

If you don’t know how to do a task, start it, then ten people who know less than you will tell you how to do it or you can choose the right source of Education – Experience – Practice Proven Methodologies & Lifecycle Management to Businesses & Professionally Mentor Leaders-in-the-Moment changing Enterprise Management in Corporate America. Streamlining top-notch delivery to your success and quality of life, whatever phase you’re in with our online project management training. Proud to share WhizMeSmarts™ Project Management Knowledge series ebooks for project management mentoring on planning, management, insight, and understanding to help you manifest the scope and vision. A manager’s anxiety or stress, which is a lack of insight or knowledge, ceases to be a lack of insight or knowledge as soon as we form a clear and precise picture of it. Your passions are our passions!

As a Modern Day Leader, who do you bounce questions off of without diving into a network group or interactive social media chat without having to provide detail to difficult and complex situational challenges as they arrise? It’s happened to all of us. The joys of connecting leadership from informational products helps armor against unforseen circumstances. A provider of online project manager training for work management solutions covering different types of project management and project lifecycle methodology. It’s easy to expand your understanding through simple content covering project management in e-books and informational project managment downloads online, anytime with instant tools at your fingertips. Teaching you fast, teaching you now! Making Corporate Visions a Reality | While Showing Others How as a Modern Day Leader Mentoring LEADERS-in-the-Moment with topics capturing project management for modern information systems. Prepared deliverables assisting you “Right Here and Now” accessible via workstation, laptop, handhelds and various cell phone devices. As a Modern Day Author inspired to coach others by “Enhancing Industry Experts become Situational Leaders! Powerful examples through informational product coaching!” Forming Situational Leaders conducting Honesty & Integrity. If you are interested in learning more about connecting leadership through eproducts, services and social media follow us via @ModernDayMngmnt on Twitter,, LinkedIn Group ModernDayNET-ENTERPRISE or Google+ @Modern Day for project management for modern information systems.

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“Enhancing Industry Experts become Situational Leaders!
Powerful examples through informational product coaching!”

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A Handy List of Project Management Excuses

In the interests of status reporting efficiency, please use the following list of excuses when you’ve said you’ll have no problem completing something, which will now be late.
1.We’ve got scope creep. I don’t know where it came from, but have you seen this cool little widget we’ve added…
2.How come we never have enough money? Honest, if I could just get this one other tool…
3.The requirements weren’t defined. Why do I have to keep going to all these meetings, I mean, I’ve already started coding…
4.The requirements keep changing. Every time I talk to someone, they want something different. It’s not worth writing them down…
5.There’s a bug in the (Pick one or more: vendors, downstream app, upstream app, operating system, monitoring system, security… our software)
6.The new software we bought doesn’t work the way we want. It looked so easy when the sales…
7.We haven’t heard back from the software vendor, we filed the report (Pick one: weeks ago, months ago, yesterday… 5 minutes before coming to this meeting)
8.The project manager from company X isn’t here today, all the problems are with X…
9.Testing found something we hadn’t expected, it will (Pick one: double, triple…)
10.There’s a holiday in X’s country. They won’t be back before Monday. There’s nothing we can do until…
11.We couldn’t reach Betty-the-business-analyst or (insert name here), we’re stuck until…
12.The Development, Testing, QA, Production environments aren’t the same, the sysadmins are looking at it, they should be done…
13.Management doesn’t understand the problem, if they would just take more time…
14.Management is too involved, why won’t they just let us do our job…
15.The project sponsor isn’t helping us. We sent them an email two weeks or 5 minutes ago and haven’t heard anything…
16.The project sponsor keeps meddling in what we’re doing. Every time we turn around, they’re asking us questions..

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Powerful Approaches for a Modern Day Leader

Powerful approach’s utilizing new career building skills to become a modern day leader excelling to new levels of achievement. The transformation of becoming a modern day leader requires modeling effective communication skills focuses on enhancing industry experts by becoming a situational leader! What you say? And how does a project manager know what situations they must focus on?

Enhancing industry experts by forming situational modern day leaders conducting honesty & integrity by seeing their project visually but you may need to begin talking to yourself first. Introduce the project to yourself in detail from current-state to future-state expectations while drawing a timeline. Draw a line from left to right inserting dates to milestones. Utilize whatever conversations, documentation whether charts; diagrams; email; status reporting or PowerPoint presentations as a means to provided added insight for you. Do your research. This project is yours personally, whether to your liking or not. As a modern day leader you are responsible for it’s successes and failures, so how are you going to handle all the day to day activity?

There are two things assured and I repeat to myself daily: 1) “No one knows it all.”; 2) “It has to be simple or human’s could not have done it.” This is where the honesty & integrity come into play. Be honest with what you know while researching and representing your project. Each situation needing addressing will present itself as you do your do diligence inventorying your projects detail. You are forming yourself as a modern day leader asking questions along your path, findings and research presenting to your team, stakeholders and clients alike with integrity. This integrity is a reflection of your pride and passion as you work with your team. You are not all knowing. Through the gathering of project requirements each team member will play their part in bring the project to life. As a modern day leader you are an ‘advocate’ for your team. You work for them ‘managing’ each and every aspect. Befriend and make personal each project as a whole from current-state to future-state. “Each project is a journey with pathways unknown.” –Brenda K H-Johnson

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Welcome To Modern Day’s New Blog!

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