Economic uncertainty, companies are under more pressure than ever to perform!

Modern Day Leaders applying technology-driven marketplace, relationships and workflows are blasting through geographic boundaries. The need for speed-to-market is increasingly exponentially.  How can you create breakthroough solutions faster and more reliably?  C O L L A B O R A T I O N  Taking care of business starts with taking care of you and maintaining a healthy team.

1. Cultivate a collaborative culture.

Before yo can expect outside partners to join a project, you need to demonstrate a collabrative culture internally.  A clearly articulated vision, mission statement and set of values can help align internal tam members and set the foundation for productive new partnerships. When you ensure that everyone understands not only their individual accountabilities but also how they’re interrelated, team members will see themselves as valuable components of your larger vision.

2. Encourage a 90 Day Challenge for team members mind, body and health! Each ‘team member’ acts as an ‘accountability partner’ to their team members through the challenge. Team building!

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3. Know who’s in the driver’s seat.

Internally, this could be anyone from a project manager to a CEO, but someone needs to be the contact person and champion for your initiative.  This way, you’ve given everyone in your organization an easy starting point for connecting.

4. Choose like-minded partners.

The best collaborators are those who share your vision and values, and who agree on the objectives your’re working toward. If someone is out of alignment with any of these, that person is unlikely to make an effective team player. Consider looking for someone else to fill that spot.

5. Maintain alignment throughout the project.

As your initiative progresses through various phases, the group will need to maintain alignment. What is the problem? How will we solve it? Which strategic approach is best? This takes open communication, mutual respect and the anchor of solid objectives.

6. Consider complementary skill sets.

Duplicating resources is not only ineffecient, but also can cause consusion and even damage relationships if two partners share a competency but only one is called upon to use it. When each party is clear about why they’ve been invited to the table, they can bring their very best forward and engage respectfully and effectively with other team members despite any skill set overlap.

7. Engage the righ people at the right time.

Not everyone needs to be in every meeting, or in on every decision. Ownership of information, presentations and recommendations will shift as the project progresses. Team members not invited to a specific meeting can and should remain engaged in other aspects of the work. That said, communication is key. If any partner is out of the loop, it can delay your entire project.

8. Put realistic measurement rubrics in place.

Everyone on the team shares responsibility for the project’s success or failure.  Remember failure is success turned inside out with lessons learned. But wins can only be identified when realistic measures are in place. Establish measurement strategies and benchmarks at the outset, and be faithful in your follow-through. In this way, the whole group learns and can fine-tune for the future.

Article credits to Mary Haugh at Little & Co. in Minneapolis

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